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GEMINI/AS507; Adapter Plug Set. Supplements universal AC adapters equipped with 9 volt battery snap connector like the Gemini AS502 and AS501 and other make universal AC adapters. FUNCTIONS: The adapters are for use with electrical devices of different size receptacles than are supplied with a universal power adapter. The adapters are plug changeable to supply plus or minus polarity to the device and snap onto a standard 9 volt battery clip.

NEW/Display Carded

AS507 $5.99 9

GEMINI/AS165; MC-60 Micro Cassette.  60 minute micro cassette tape for portable recording devices and answering machines. 2-pack

  NEW/Display Carded

AS165 $8.99 9

TENMA/30-390; Vintage Panasonic Replacement Antenna for Portable AM/FM Stereo Cassette and CD players. Antenna has 6 sections and will extend to 42 inches.


30-390 $6.99 1

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