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Phone Accessories/323; Modular Line Cord, 6-conductor and 14 feet long. Old stock but new never used. Color: Gray

323 $8.99 1 List on eBay

SKYLINE/SS213; Modular Wall Phone Plate.  Fits over Standard junction box.  Color: Ivory.

NEW Display Carded

SS213 $7.99 1

RECOTON/T59; Tanglefree fits all modular phones. Attaches in seconds  Stops telephone cord twist.

NEW Display Carded.

T59 $4.99 7 Listed on eBay

RECOTON/T25; Duplex Jack Allows the use of Two telephone devices from a single phone wall outlet.

 NEW Display Carded

T25 $4.99 7 Listed on eBay

RECOTON/T88; Triplex Jack Allows the use of Three telephone devices from a single phone wall outlet.

 NEW Display Carded

T88 $6.99 3

GEMINI/TA232; Triplex Two-Line Jack, Add 2 single Line connections to existing 2-line hookup. 

NEW Display Carded

TA232 $6.99 2

GEMINI/TA83; Modular Outlet Plugs. For 4 conductor wire.  Allows custom installation of modular line cord.  Package of 10.

NEW Display Carded

TA83 $6.99 2

GEMINI/TA61; Mini Surface Modular Jack.  Allows modular jacks to be placed anywhere.  As replacements to old or broken jacks. 

NEW Display Carded

TA61 $6.99 4

GEMINI/AS165; MC-60 Micro Cassette. For recording devices and answering machines. These little guys maybe hard to find.

NEW Display Carded 

AS165 $8.99 9

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